122mm Rocket and Ammo Box
10 Set ammo boxes + rocketsinj-plastic kit, scale 1:35, unassemblet/unpainted

Cooking Ware
Plastic model kit of a table incl.  cookware- Scale 1:35 - not built/not painted

Diorama-Set Ger.Barrel & Jerry Can
Drums, jerry cans and accessories Scale 1:35 not build/not painted

S-5 Rocket Ammo for UB-32 and UB-16
10 Set ammo boxes + rockets, inj-plastic kit, scale 1:35, unassembled/unpainted

Diorama-Set US Military Equipm.Mod.
Injection moulded plastic model kit Scale 1:35 not built/not painted Includes large and small Alice packs, sleeping bags, -mats, selection of 12.7mm/40mm ammunition cases, jerry cans, and water tanks, ration cartons and CIP.

Dining Set
Plastic kit, scale 1:35, table, 2 chairs incl. bottles, cutlery etc. and decals for bottles and plates, cups and glasses are hollow

US 10in1 WW2 ration cartons 1/35
The 10-in1 Ration was supplied to U.S. troops from 1943 to 1945. One sleeved carton contained four individual boxes, each a day’s rations for ten soldiers and including canned food, biscuits, cereal and more.Item Contents/Information Sheet dimensions: 200mm x 195mm. Contains cut-out illustrations for sleeve, carton and inner box components. One sheet can be used to make eight sets, and you can choose to depict the carton sealed up or even removed from the sleeve and open to reveal the inner boxes. The sheet also features a basic explanation of the 10-in-1 ration in English and Japanese. An excellent choice to add further detail to WWII-era U.S. subjects such as those below.

MCI Cartons (11) (Vietnam)
Printed paperscale 1/35contain: see picture

1/35 Dented US Fuel Cans
US WWII fuel cans with realistic damaged surfaces. Can be used on all US and Allied vehicle types and scenes in 1/35th scale, as well as captured by Axis troops. Made of resin using state-of-the-art 3D technology. Scale 1:35 unbuilt/ unpainted 

US WWII 20L Jerry Can and 200L Fuel Drum set
1:16 plastic kit, 4 barrels and 8 jerry cans, unbuilt/unpainted 

Diorama-Set Jerry Can & Barrel
Drums, jerry cans and accessories Scale 1:48 not build/not painted

Diorama-Set Allied Vehicle Access.
A rich assortment of allied army use equipment such as drum cans, jerry cans, buckets, a variety of canvas goods including bags, and vehicle weight plates are realistically reproduced.Scale 1:35 not built/not painted

Diorama-Set WWII US Infant. Weapons
Plastic kit of accessories Scale 1:35 not built/not painted

WWII US 20L Jerry Can Set (Value pack)
Plastic model kit for US Jerrycans in bigger packsScale 1:35 not assembled or painted

British L31A3 2 shells 105mm ammo boxes & Pallet
Plastic model kit for 4 palets with ammo boxesincl. decals Scale 1:35not assembled or painted

German 20l Jerry Can and 200l Fuel 1:16
1:16 plastic kit, 4 barrels and 8 jerry cans, unbuilt/unpainted 

German Field Team/Eqpt. (2)
plastic kitItaleri re-issue with Tamiya extra parts,accessories and figuresscale 1:35unassembled/unpainted

WWII Ger.Jerry Can Set (12) Early
Injection moulded plastic model kit Scale 1:35 not built/not paintedSet contains 12 early type Jerry Cans, 2 types of storage boxes, a notek light, and a jack with its base.