Masking Tape 18mm/18m w/Dispender
Masking Tape 18mm/18m w/dispender Width 18mm Length 18m

Pla-Paper 0.1mm B4 (3) white 257x364mm
3 plastic plates, each 257x364mm, white plastic

Trigger stop set handle, yellow gold
Spare parts & Optional accessories for AIRCOBRA Airbrush 

Plastic Beams 5mm Round (6) white
6 round-profiles, each 400mm long, white plastic

Pla-Plate 1.2mm B4 Size (2)
2 plastic plates, each 257x364mm, white plastic

Die-Cutting Adhesive Sandpaper 800 Grid
20 pieces die-cutting adhesive sandpaper. Grid as stated

Scenic Backdrop "Endzeit Concrete" A1
We are about to release a line of photo backdrops as we speak. The first 9 versions will be availabe in A1 and A2. Here it comes in figures:A1 is 594 x 841 mm which equals 23.4 x 33.1 in inchesA2 is 420 x 594 mm which equals 16.5 x 23.4 in inches So, these are quite huge and that is exactly what we need in order to have a backdrop which is large enough to allow taking a shot of the general view of the entire model sitting in front of an undisturbed background. Lets get into some details:Material-wise we have our high resolution images printed on matte and stabile photo paper. We deliver your backdrop in a cardboard drum for comfy storage and handling.Application-wise the product is really simple to use. All it takes is two surfaces pointing to each other in a 90° angle. A table and a wall behind it, usually does precisely that. Just fix it with some tape and there you go. Now you can arrange your light sources around it. Light Source: Daylight. Backdrop: Item #F1 "Friendly with Clouds" 

0,2mm nozzle for Trinity Airbrush (part 5)
0,2mm nozzle for Trinity Airbrush (part 5)

Operational lever for Trinity Airbrush (part 7)
Operational lever for Trinity Airbrush (part 7)

This reference is perfectly adapted to the most difficult angles, corners and nooks of our models. With it we will also be able to obtain finer lines if we use it edged.The Synthetic Brush range made of high-quality fibers, offers great spring. They are solvent-resistant and can be used with any paint type including acrylics, enamels, and oils. These are heavy duty brushes at a very economic price, making them a great option for all types of painting and weathering techniques and tasks.

1 high-quality metal file.  The perfect roughing tool for plastic, resin and softwoods. 

Finishing Abrasives P400 (3)
3 sheets P400 finishing abrasives Sandpaper that can be used when modifying and finishing Tamiya products. For use on metal, plastic or wood. Can be used wet or dry and is clog-resistant.

Airbrush trigger
Spare parts & Optional accessories for AIRCOBRA Airbrush 

Plastic Beams 3mm H (5) white
5 H-profiles, each 40cm long, white plastic

Tube profiles 5mm (6) clear
6 tube-profiles, each 400mm long, clear plastic

1:35 WWII Zimmerit Coating Applicator PE
Different metal tools to create Zimmerit structures; contents as shown in picture

1,6 mm Masking Stripes 7m long
maskingtape in 1,6mm stripes 

Tamiya Cement w/Brush 40ml
Tamiya Cement for plastic kits (not for resin) 40ml bottle with applicator

Content: 40 Milliliter (€11.25* / 100 Milliliter)

Modeler's knife blade (25)
25 replacement blades for the Modeler's Knife come in a plastic container.

Modeler´s Blade Pro curved (3)
Curved blade x 3pcs. 0,45 mm thick. Suiteable for cutting soft fabric such as film, Cloth, and Japanese paper.

TAMIYA-Badger 350 II Airbrush-Set
TAMIYA-Badger 350 II airbrush set Standard spray gun in a complete set including compressed air bottle and air hose. The spray gun is equipped with an external mixer and the amount of paint can be adjusted by adjusting the nozzle. This spray gun is particularly suitable for complete body painting or for clear coat.

HG Angl. Tweezers round Tip Steel
Angled Tweezers round Tip Steel

Metal Sanding Board
Metal Sanding Board

Basic Compressor w/Airbrush
Basic Compressor w/AirbrushAttention require Accucontains 1 pcs