German Infantry - French Campaign
Plastic model kit of 5 figures to depict German infantry in early-WWII. Scale 1:35 not built/not painted

German Assault Troops
Plastic kit for 8 Figuresnot build or paintedScale 1:35

German Panzer Division Frontline Reconnaissance Team
- 4 FiguresSchwimmwagens is not included

German Assault Pioneer Team & Goliath Set
Plastic Model kit, contains Goliath tracked mine includes 3 Figures Scale 1:35 not assembled/not painted

German Africa Corps Luftwaffe Artillery Crew Set
Plastic Model kit for 8 figures and accessories- Scale 1:35- not built/painted

Imperial Japanese Army Tank Commander 1:16
Plastic Kit for one figurescale 1:16unassembled/unpaintedPaint and glue not included

German Mounted Infantry
Plastic Kit, incl. 2 Figures + 1 HorseScale 1:35not build or painted

WW1 British Infantry w/small Arms + equipment
-Plastic model kit for 4 figures + weaponset- scale 1:35

SM U9 Deck Crew Set
Resin kit for three World War I submariners. Suitable for the SM U9 submarine from "Das Werk". But possibly also suitable for similarly dimensioned submarinesnot built / painted1:72 scale

WWII British MG Team in Combat
Plastic model kit for 5 Figures- incl. accessory and decalsnot assembled or painted 

Doolittle Raid Part A
Resin kit for 2 figuresLt Col J.H.Doolittle and USAAF pilot + decals for a B-25Bscale 1:48unbuilt / unpainted

WWI British Infantrie Set
Plastic Model kit for two figures and bikes- including a figure- Scale 1:35- not built/painted

U.S. Army Tank Crew
Plastic kit for 4 figures - limited editionScale 1:35unbuild/ unpaintedThis 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit recreates a crew of four U.S. WWII tankers: gunner, loader and two commanders. Both commanders are depicted with binoculars; one in both hands, and the other in the left hand, gesturing with the right. Figures are depicted in uniform used from early in WWII.

British Royal Marines Soldier Set A
 inj-plastic kit for 1 bike + 1 figure, scale 1:35, unassembled/unpainted

WWII German Machine Gunner & Luftwaffe Ace Pilot
Injection moulded plastic kit of 2 figures in 1:35, very fine details, scale reduced from Tamiya's 1:16 offering

German infantry mortar crew
Plastic model kit of a German infantry mortar team about to fire the weapon with two soldiers holding it down, one loading it, and one yelling "fire!" Scale 1:35 not built/not painted

German Tank Crew at Rest
Plastic model kit of figures to depict two tank commanders, three tank crew, and an enlisted soldier, in 3 different types of uniform. Scale 1:35 not built/not painted

Early War British Tank Crew
Plastic model kit for 5 Figures- incl. accessory and decalsnot assembled or painted 

WWII Famous General Set
Plastic model kit of 5WWII commanders. - General Patton - General Eisenhower - General MacArthur - Field Marshal Montgomery - Field Marshal Rommel Scale 1:48>not built/not painted

British Paratroopers & Bicycle set
Plastic Model kit of two figures and 2 bicycles, scale 1:35, not built/not painted

British Infantry in Combat 2010-16 Set 2
Plastic model kit for 4 figuresincl. accessory and decalsnot assembled or painted 

U.S. Infantry - Desert
Plastic model kit of a modern U.S. infantryman in desert uniform. Scale 1:16 not assembled/not painted

Livestock Set
Livestock SetScale 1/35not built or painted

French Infantry Set WWII
Injection moulded plastic kit of 6 figures, not assembled, not painted, scale 1:35