Modeler´s Blade Pro curved (3)
Curved blade x 3pcs. 0,45 mm thick. Suiteable for cutting soft fabric such as film, Cloth, and Japanese paper.

Fin.CraftSaw PE-Blade 0,1mm (2x3)
These scribing saws are ideal for remaking details that are lost when cleaning up seam lines or deepening existing panel lines. Made from 0.1mm thick stainless steel.

Camo Mask Cutting Mat WWI + WWII
Double sided stainless steel cutting template for making painting masks. (WWI and WWII Tank) Size: 270 x 200 mm

Fine Engraving Blade 0.15mm
Blade 0,15mm - contain one chisel, require Tamiya 74139. Includes storage case. Blade width: 2mm Shaft diameter: 2mm Total length: 25mm. 

HG Tweezer Grip Scissors
Hg Tweezer Grip Scissors These handy scissors are activated by pushing the grips together, for a safe cutting process. Short, durable blades make them ideal for modeling uses such as on Mini 4WD vacuum molded bodies, decals, stickers, masking tape and more. You’ll wonder how you ever did without them! HG Tweezer Grip Scissors x1 Stainless steel blades provide a long lasting, quality cut. Activated by pushing the grips together, for an easy action and minimum interference from hands in the cutting process. A safety cap is included to allow safe storage. Total length: 115mm; blade length: 12mm (approx.).

Engraving Blade Holder Blue 74135-38
Engraving Blade Holder Description This is a color variation of the Engraving Blade Holder (original: Item 74139), with the handle in vivid blue. It can be used with the wide range of Tamiya Fine Engraving Blades, Needle, and Chisel. Engraving Blade Holder (Blue) x1 Length: 126mm, diameter: 6mm. Made from lightweight, durable aluminum, with a knurled grip section for error-free crafting. The chuck is made of nickel-plated brass. The holder’s slimline form allows it to be held like a pen. Blade insertion and removal is simple – just lightly pinch the chuck and rotate the handle. Comes with a protective cap that also stops the holder from rolling away. Compatible with Fine Engraving Blades (Items 74135-38, 74145), Needle (Item 74148) and Design Knife Blades (Item 74074).

SP Side Cutter (Slim Jaw)
Length: 115mm. Easy-to-use tool features slim jaw with an excellent balance of durability and cutting edge. PVC grip covers ensure that the side cutters stay firmly in your hand during use.

Camo Mask Cutting Mat - Modern Camo
Double sided stainless steel cutting template for making painting masks. (Modern Tank Armor) Size: 270 x 200 mm

Modeler's Knife Pro reinf. Handle
Set includes Straight blade (3pcs.), Curved blade (2pcs.), and Chisel blade (2pcs.). The body features an elastomer grip and a metal chuck to secure the blade. Protective cap for the knife and a plastic spare blade case are also included.

Modeler´s Blade Pro chisel (10)
Chisel blade x 10pcs. 0.55mm thick. Suitable for chiseling, engraving, and removing protrusions from flat surfaces.

Fine Engraving Blade 0.1mm
Engraving blade 0,1mmshaft thickness 2 mmOnly for PlasticContain 1 Blade

Andy's Hobby Headquarters PRECISION Modeling Nipper
This SUPER fine single blade nipper is designed to cut even the smallest plastic parts with no stress marks. Each nipper includes a nipper cover to help protect the blade and keep them cutting model after model. Handles are coated with a rubberized grip for both comfort and control.*These single edged nippers differ from tradtitional side cutters in that they operate more like a guillotine, than a pair of scissors to create a cleaner cut!For use on thin plastic, DO NOT USE to cut material that will require excessive force such as wood, metal cables or thick plastic.

Leaf Maker 1/35
Make realistic leafs in scale 1/35th. 4 in 1

Tamiya Thin Blade Craft Saw
This handy razor saw is ideal for cutting plastic and wood, during modeling and craftwork. The 0.25mm thickness blade is made of high quality steel, enabling a sharp finish. Blade length is 160mm.

Side Cutter for Plastic
Side Cutter for Plastic

Craft Knife II
• The handle has an ergonomic shape designed for ease of use and replacement of blades, etc. It is molded in easy grip black plastic, with the Tamiya Craft Tools logo in white. A clip is designed into the back.• A stainless steel blade has impressive resistance to rust. Simply remove, turn over and reset if you are lefthanded.• The end of the handle has a part that is detached by squeezing the tabs on either side and can be used to snap off dulled blade sections.• Features an auto-lock function to stop the blade slipping and the inherent dangers that brings.Contain 1 Knife 

Craft Side Cutter (for Plastic/Soft Metal)
Side cutters e.g. for cutting thick plastic on R/C car and Mini 4WD kit sprues, as well as static model sprues, plastic pipe and more. They can also be used to cut aluminum, brass and other soft metals.

Fine Craft Saw blade III 0,15mm thick
This set of saws is made from 0.15mm thick etched metal. The set includes four types of saw blades which can be used for a variety of situations.

Handy Craft Saw II
Modelling saw with two interchangable blades

Sharp Pointed Side Cutter f.Plas.
Sharp Pointed Side Cutter for Plastic This precision side cutter has thin, pointed blades, and is ideal for removing delicate plastic parts from sprue.

Modeler Knife Pro Scraper (2) 0,5mm
These are replacement blades for the Tamiya Modeler’s Knife Pro (item 74098). Scraper blades x 2 Features a design with a scraper shaped end. Great for altering surface textures or altering surface thickness gradually. 0.5 mm thick. Pull towards yourself to scrape away a section of the surface.

NIGHT CUTTER Multipurpose mode cutter
NIGHT CUTTER Multipurpose mode cutter Multipurpose model cutter "Night Cutter" (Chisel & Scriber)

Tamiya PhotoEtched 0,1mm Saw Blade (5)
This set of thin craft saws is made from photo-etched metal to enable extremely fine cuts.

Modeler Knife Pro Scriber (5) 0,4mm
These are replacement blades for the Tamiya Modeler’s Knife Pro (item 74098). Scriber blades x 5 0.4 mm thick. Pull towards yourself to score the subject material. Can be used to score then break off plastic plate to your desired size. Thinner than Item 74091 Plastic Scriber II. Suitable for very precise and detailed work.