Panzer Aces No.53


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Product information "Panzer Aces No.53"
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    Panther Ausf. D • 11. SS Pz Abteilung "Hermann von Salza"

A last generation kit in the hands of Domingo Hernández can be nothing but a success. Here you can see his magnificent Panther D executed with a few improvements and painted with the usual author's mastery.

    Jagdpanzer Pz IV Sd.Kfz 162 Ausf.F

It wouldn't be possible to ignore AFV hunter vehicles when dealing with German machines. Michel Pérez improves and adds detail to this veteran Dragon kit using mostly homemade solutions. He paints his vehicle with a colorful camouflage pattern that enhances the sharp lines of this hunter from the end of WWII.

    Sturmmpanzer IV Brummbar Sdkfz. 166

It is rare to be able to see such elaborate, well documented, detailed and ingeniously executed projects as Angel Iñigo's. Again we're proud to showcase among our pages this incredible assembly and painting work accompanied with his incredible illustrations and color charts. A special "black cross" section wouldn't have been the same without his work.

    Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. J

A rare bird which is not that rare. This small reconnaissance AFV had a very short production run and in spite of that several brands have produced it over the years and its presence is also common on several contests. There's surely a reason for that, no doubt. The beauty of this vehicle is well represented in our newest collaborator Ivan Drond's work. He accomplishes this by developing a painting process based on color modulation obtaining the best out of this particular piece.

    Unternehmen, Merkur, 1941

What if we painted a figure as if it was a military vehicle? Creta was full of dust during Merkur operation. We have worked on this german paratrooper at Creta how to create mud and dust on a figurine.

     Modelling lessons: APPLYING DIRT

As usual we will show you the beginning of the road giving you a good road plan destined to guide you in the world of dirt and its application.
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