M730A1 CHAPARAL Air Defense Missle System
Plastic kitScale 1:35unpainted/unbuilt

Centurion MK.5/1-4.RTR - Berlin Brigade / BAOR
Plastic model kit for a Centurion of the BAOR - Scale 1:35 - not built/not painted

Workable track made of plastic for T-80 and T-90 tanks 1:35 scale unbuilt / unpainted  

DShK Machine Gun 1:35
Model of the Soviet heavy machine-gun DShK (Degtyaryova-Shpagina Krupnokaliberny, "Degtyaryov-Shpagin Large-Calibre”), widely used by infantry and AFV’s by the Soviets and a multitude of operators from the Winter War and WWII, to Korea, through to Vietnam and the Arab-Israeli Wars and countless other post-war conflicts.Printed in resin with the latest 3D technology for unparalleled detail and scale accuracy. Use Slow Dry Cyanoacrylate A.MIG-8013 for assembling this kit.

French Light Armoured Car AML-60
Plastic model kit for a vehicle- including PE- Markings for 4 Versions- scale 1:35- not built/paintedPre-order price valid until 30 May 2017

M48 & M60 Track / Ketten late Type T142
Workable Track (Plastic) for M48 and M60 late Type  T142Scale 1/35not assembled/painted

British APC FV432 Mk.2/1 mit Interior
Plastic model kit for a vehicle- including PE and workable single-track links- Markings for 3 Versions- scale 1:35- without FiguresPre-order price valid until 28th February 2017

US M 41 Walker Bulldog
Injection moulded plastic model kit incl. 2 figures Scale 1:35 not built/not painted

203mm Howitzer M1
Plastic model kit- Scale 1:35- not built/painted

U.S. M730/M548 Track T130E1-Track
Vinyltracks, scale 1:35

Soviet SPAAG ZSU-57-2 2 in 1
unbuild modelkit for Gepard Version A1 or A2- workable tracks- PE and clear parts- new susspension- markings for 11 versions- hatches can be buiild opend or closed.- Turret Interiorscale 1:35unassembled/unpaintedpreorder price until 10th May 2016

2 kits Combo Chieftain Mk.10 + Mk.11
Plastic kit for a total of 2 tanks- A total of 2 kits. once Chieftain Mk.11 and once Chieftain Mk.10- 6 marking variants- Link & Length Style Tracks- Track assembly is aided with the use of a jig1:72 scaleunbuild / unpaintedPre-order price until March 20th, 2020 

M68 /L7 105 Ammo Set
metal ammo kit, contain see pic´s belowscale 1:35unassembled/unpainted

T-54B Decals 1:72
DecalsScale 1:72This set of decals allows you to accurately apply nine different marking options of the T-54B in 1/72nd scale including vehicles from the Soviet Union, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Vietnam, and Afghanistan. These markings are specially designed for model kit A.MIG-8502 T-54B Mid Production by AMMO of Mig Jimenez.

US M151A2 Transporter Grenada 1983
Plastic Model kit for a truck- including 3 figures- Scale 1:35- not built/painted

British Main Battle Tank Chieftain Mk.2
Plastic model kit for a vehicle- including PE and workable single-track links- Markings for 3 Versions- scale 1:35- not built/paintedPre-order price valid until 31. march 2016

West German Tank M47 Patton
plastic kitItaleri re-issue with Tamiya extra parts,accessories and figurescale 1:35unassembled/unpaintedUnder German OwnershipProduction of the M47 Patton got underway in 1951; it was successor to its namesake M46 Patton, with the hull carried over from the M46 and combined with an 810hp gasoline engine for a top speed of 48km/h. Its gun was an L/50 rifled piece, paired with a cutting edge stereoscopic rangefinder. In all, more than 8,500 M47 Pattons were produced, and although their time with the U.S. military was relatively short, they were in many cases provided to friendly countries such as France, Austria and Germany. The latter received 1,100 in the course of 1956 and 1957, deploying them in tank battalion and mechanized infantry units. It was often fitted with smoke dischargers and rain guards, as it served in the nascent re-formed West German military.About the ModelThis is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length; 245mm, width: 98mm. The original Italeri kit is powered up with new and re-tooled parts. Canvas mantlet cover and West German spec smoke dischargers and hull rear convoy light are new components. Plastic plate is included to recreate rain guards that protected the engine room. Belt type recreations of tracks can be painted and cemented. Features a moving commander's hatch, and a gunner's hatch that can be assembled open or closed. Comes with a Tamiya figure, M2 machine gun and a wealth of accessories. West German and Austrian marking options are included in the box.

Volkswagen Beetle 1300 1966
Plastic Model Kit for a VW- Scale 1:24- not built/painted

German Flakpanzer M-42 A1
Plastic Model kit for a M42 Flakpanzer as used by German Bundeswehr- Scale 1:35- not built/painted

Propellant Containers for M109A1-A4 SPG
plastic kist for ammunition boxesScale 1:35unbuild / unpainted

French Light Tank AMX-13/75 with SS-11 ATGM
Plastic model kit for a vehicle- including PE and workable single-track links- Markings for 5 Versions- scale 1:35- not built/paintedPre-order price valid until 10.January 2016

US M577 Command Post incl. 5 figures
Plastic Kit, incl. 5 Figures and AccessoriesScale 1:35not built or painted 

M109G 155mm/L23 Self Propelled Howitzer
Plastic model kit to build an M109G - Bundeswehrincluding metal barrel with rifilingfunctioning suspensionDecals for the Bundeswehrrubber trackincl. BW weapon set1:35 scalenot built / painted

T55 Tracks OMSH
workable tracksscale 1:35unassembled/unpainted