Brückenlegepanzer M48 A2 AVLB


Product number: DW35025
Product information "Brückenlegepanzer M48 A2 AVLB"
Plastic kit for a bridge-laying tank.

  • Highly detailed kit, based on the kit of a well-known manufacturer
  • includes new parts for the A2 version
  • with PE parts
  • includes all specific Bundeswehr parts
  • vinyl tracks
  • The bridge can be built in any position
  • Decal options for four Bundeswehr Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridges and one Belgian vehicle

1:35 scale
unbuilt / unpainted
Vehicle type: Tracked vehicle
Designation (V): Engineer vehicle
Assignment: Military
Era: Modern
Affiliation: Germany
Product Type: Full kit
Scale: 1:35

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