StuG III Ausf.G w/Winterketten (1:16)
Brand new Plastic kit of a StuG III Ausg. G in this big scale1:16 scaleworkable Winterketten tracksworkable suspensionhatches can be built open/closedbasic interiorPE parts included7 marking optionsoptional metal barrel included (Attention: only in first production run included!)unbuilt / unpaintedpaint and glue not included

MBK Display Box
Stackable transparent box for assemblyThis practical MBK transparent box is ideal for displaying and storing models and dioramas of all kinds. It is made of highly transparent, durable plastic, is almost dustproof and has a practical front flap for loading.The internal dimensions are (LxWxH) approx. 34.5 x 25.5 x 19 cmavailable offerings: bundle of 5 or 10 boxes (maximum per purchase 10 boxes)(Base, diorama and model are NOT included!)

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British M10 IIc Tank Destroyer (1:16)
Brand new plastic kit of a British M10 IIc Tank Destroyer in this big scale1:16 scaleworkable T48 tracksworkable suspensiondetailed gun breech and fighting compartmentfull figure includedmetal barrel includedunbuilt / unpaintedpaint and glue not included Pre-order price valid until 31-Aug-2023

Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf.D (1:16)
1:16 Scale Plastic Model Kit for a Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf.DKit features:  Workable single link tracks100% DAS WERK molds!Clear parts Detailed running gear with torsion bar suspension as on the original Floor armour can be attached separately to the chassis Detailed gearshift and gearbox Detailed brake system and fuel system Swinging front axle with steering angle can be represented Detailed cooling and exhaust system Detailed engine with open engine cover plates Detailed engine bulkhead u, instrument panel and radio set Detailed hatches and armament Floor plate segments can be opened individually to show the inside of the chassis Armour with realistic welds made of several separate armour plates Combat compartment and engine compartment can also be displayed dismantled due to separable flange connection Side boxes and storage compartments with detailed doors can be shown open or closed Rear crew door can be shown open or closedFour painting options: 97th Jäger-Division, April 1945 Bohemia, Deutsch-Brod 25th Panzergrenadier Regiment 25 ( 12th Pz. Division ), November 1944 Eastern Front / Kurland 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich , July 1944 Normandy / France 4. Fallschirmjäger Divison, March / April 1944 Anzio / Italyscale 1:16unbuilt / unpaintedpaint and glue not includedThe Sd.Kfz. 251 (Sonderkraftfahrzeug 251) was a German armoured half-track infantry fighting vehicle from World War II, developed by the Hanomag company on the basis of the unarmoured Sd.Kfz. 11 half-track vehicle.With at least 15252 vehicles and variants produced by seven manufacturers, the Sd.Kfz. 251 became the most frequently produced German half-track vehicles of the war.

90mm Kanonenjagdpanzer / Beobachtungspanzer
Completely newly developed plastic kit for a German tank destroyer (Kajapa) or observation tank (VB)100% new molds1:35 scalehighly detailed 2 in 1 kitWith photo-etched partslink and length tracks for the correct Diehl 828G tracksaccurate replicated roadwheels with details on both sidesClear plastic parts includedHatches in the crew compartment roof can be built open/closed4 marking optionsunbuilt / unpaintedpaint and glue not includedThe Kanonenjagdpanzer, also called Jagdpanzer, Kanone 90mm, was introduced into the German Bundeswehr in 1965 and replaced the U.S. American M41, M47 and M48 in tank destroyer units. Its task was in the mobile defense to support the infantry in anti-tank defense. Its armament consisted of a 90 mm cannon and 2 7.62 mm machine guns. With its 500 hp (368 kW) engine, the almost 27-tonne vehicle reached a speed of around 70 km/h on the road. As the armament proved to be too weak over time, some of the gun destroyers were converted to rocket destroyers and others to non-cannon observation/command tanks. The tank destroyer served in non-active Homeland Security units until 1991.

US Late WWII Infantry Soldier (full body) M1943 Uniform (1:16)
Plastic kit for a US Late WWII Infantry Soldier (full body) M1943 Uniform1:16 scale 1 figure unbuilt/unpainted Paint and glue not included

U.S. M10 Tank Destroyer (1:16)
Brand new plastic kit of a U.S. M10 Tank Destroyer in this big scale1:16 scaleworkable T51 tracksworkable suspensiondetailed gun breech and fighting compartmentfull figure includedmetal barrel includedunbuilt / unpaintedpaint and glue not includedPre-order price was valid until 31-Aug-2023

M4A3E Sherman Easy Eight-Late War/Korean War 1:16
Plastic kit of a M4A3E8 Sherman - late WWII/Korea War1:16 scaleWorkable T-80 single link tracksWorkable suspensionHatches can be built open/closedBasic interior of the turretFull torso figure includedMetal gun barrel includedunbuilt/unpaintedpaint and glue not included Suitable accessories (if on stock):Barrel for US machine Gun cal.50 Browning M2.50 cal. Ammunition with M2A1 box set for U.S. MG

Pz.III / StuG III Winterketten Set (1:16)
Plastic kit for workable single-link Winter Tracks for Panzer III / StuG III running gears 1:16 scale192 individual links Variant of the Type 6(a) track of the Wehrmachtunbuilt / unpaintedpaint and glue not included

LARC V early (Bundeswehr, et al)
Plastic model kit for a LARC V with specific modifications for the Bundeswehrscale 1:35Buildable as Bundeswehr vehicle or in early US-Vietnam versionOptional parts and accessories includedwith 3D printed partswith photo-etched partsCorrect new parts for Bundeswehr versionunbuilt / unpaintedpaint and glue not included5 different marking options:2x BundeswehrUS NavyUS ArmyPortuguese Marines